5 Powerful Reasons Small Businesses Need a Website In 2020

Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Why small businesses need a website

Why do small businesses need a website? Why should small businesses have a website? Both are common questions we come across in the small business community. You might be in the 35% of small businesses who feel their company is too small for a website. You might also think that your customers aren’t tech-savvy and aren’t shopping on the internet. Reality couldn’t be further from these two thoughts and we’ll explain why small businesses need a website.

Consider your own search tendencies. Whether you’re looking for a plumber, cycling club or car dealership where do you go first? More often than not you will fire up the internet go to a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Ask.com, Excite, DuckDuckGo or one of the many other options available and start searching.

A recent report by SEO specialists Brightedge found that 68% of all website traffic comes from consumers using search engines to help them find the information, product or service they are looking for. This shows that if you want customers to find your small business a website that targets their search criteria is essential.

In this article, we’re going to share 5 powerful reasons why small businesses need a website more than ever.


As consumers when we look for a product or service to purchase we want to know that what we choose can be trusted and is credible. For small businesses generating authority and credibility can be very difficult. Small businesses need a website to be seen as credible businesses. One of the simplest ways a small business can achieve this is to have a professionally designed website.

There are many website builder options on the market today that offer ‘instant low-cost’ websites. These companies have great marketing and guarantee great results but the reality is they only deliver poor credibility, lack customisability and are generally bad for search engine optimisation.

Website credibility is secured when potential visiting customers have a positive experience with your site. This can range from their perception of the design, the content, whether the navigation is easy to use, helpful information, little-to-no errors and expert advice.

75% of consumers make judgments about company credibility based on website design. Your website has 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!

A professionally designed and developed website provides credibility for your website visitors by managing all of these expectations better than anything put together in an amateurish manner.


For small businesses gaining new customers is essential for success and in the digital age customers are searching online a lot. A global digital snapshot by Datareportal showed that during April 2020 81% of people searched online for a product or service.

So, when everyone is online connecting and communicating with your customers using traditional marketing methods like direct mail or print advertising can be both expensive and unreliable. Having a presence online can help you reach and connect with potential customers both locally and further afield at a significantly lower cost. 

In our online world, a custom-designed website helps customers to find your business, learn about your products and services and contact or purchase from you 24/7.


There’s no denying that the online world is fiercely competitive. Many small businesses have taken on websites and social profiles and are being very successful. But around 36% of small businesses still don’t have a website. Such businesses are not competing effectively compared with those with a website.

Knowing that your small business can get the jump on almost half the competition is a highly compelling argument. But don’t take our word for it. 83% of small business owners who do own a website are convinced they have an advantage over their competition.

For those small businesses just relying on social media rather than a website, it’s also worth noting that consumers are less likely to purchase from businesses that don’t have a website. A lack of website translates into a negative consumer perception and a lack of trust.


Gone are the days when marketing consisted of placing an advert in Yellow Pages and watching the business roll through the door.

Although we live in a digital age we know how important and how much small businesses rely on word of mouth recommendations. Having a custom-designed website is a way of amplifying this critical small business marketing tactic.

A website provides a small business with the modern-day marketing platform and therefore is a persuasive reason why small businesses need a website. By connecting your website to the digital world of social media, email and e-commerce small businesses can create compelling content.  This content can be designed to educate, inform, generate interest, showcase reviews, capture contact information and nurture leads as well as much more.

Additionally, the rise of e-commerce has made it even cheaper and simpler to sell directly to your customers via your website.


Many small businesses don’t understand that a lack of control over their online destiny is affecting them. In pursuit of free/cheap/easy marketing, small business owners often don’t realise until it’s too late that they’re building their marketing foundations on shaky ground.

Site builders like wix.com or companies that charge low monthly fees to provide a templated website have become very popular in recent years.

However, look behind the curtain and you’ll see that there are significant costs associated depending on the type of website required. A quick look in the T&Cs will often show that you don’t own your website and some companies even charge exit fees. Further, you have limited options in terms of design, functionality and customisation and most have a cost associated with them.

The same lack of ownership and control exists when it comes to social media. Around 14% of small businesses only use Facebook for online promotion.

What is not realised is that every post they publish only reaches 10% or less of their followers. To reach the remaining 90% they have to pay to ‘boost’ the post. On top of that Facebook can change its algorithm at any time and completely mess up all the hard work put in.

Does it make good business sense to let a third party dictate the terms in which you want to engage with your customers?

With a professionally built website, small business owners are 100% in control of their online destiny. With Confluent Marketing you own your website.

Do small businesses need a website?

Absolutely yes small businesses need a website! More than one-third of small businesses don’t have a website. That’s a lot of small businesses missing out on many opportunities as they’re unable to compete online and get the recognition they deserve!

Do you own a small business? Are you part of the 36% without a website?

Don’t go extinct like the dodo. We’ll design your website to fly!

Is Your Small Business Website Falling Short?


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We enjoy working with different clients from varied industries so feel free connect with us and learn more about our small business and e-commerce website design and development services. Our team will help you define the right type of website you need now and also for the future.

Written by Richard Walsh

Web Designer and Digital Marketing specialist with over 14 years of experience working for leading technology brands. Launched Confluent Marketing in 2018 to help small businesses maximise their online presence.

June 29, 2020