Passion led us here

The bit about us.

For the past 15 years we’ve seen a lot of digital marketing potential go to waste. Honestly we got a bit fed up moaning about it. So, rather than sit on the sidelines, we set up Confluent Marketing as a specialist digital marketing agency. We’re not magicians or miracle workers. We are though confident we have a better way to make sure your digital marketing delivers impact.

What makes us different.

We create and deliver joined up digital marketing using authentic content specifically designed to resonate with your audiences. With the decline in brand trust it is our job to find the right balance between authenticity and marketing message so that your communications deliver maximum impact.

How we work.

Whether you want help with strategy, marketing planning or creating content our first priority is to understand you, your business, your goals and what makes your customers tick. This ensures we deliver marketing that drives your business forward. We live and work in a digital age but some key values will never change like the declining art of talking. Working with Confluent you get imagination, passion and collaboration wrapped up in a can-do attitude.

Relationships matter.

Great marketing comes from real relationships and strong teamwork. We don’t claim to be expert in every aspect of marketing. We recognise the need to form partnerships with your in-house specialists as well as other agencies to ensure you get the best outcomes possible.

Start connecting with customers today.

Get Confluent with your digital marketing. Connect with more customers more effectively and sell more stuff.


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