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At Confluent Marketing we offer a different approach to digital marketing. As a specialist digital marketing agency we’re here to help small, medium and large businesses find and understand their audiences, engage their customers and sell more. We create and deliver joined up digital marketing using authentic content specifically designed to resonate with your audiences and deliver outsized impact.

Best practice digital marketing at the right time.

Effective digital marketing starts with understanding your customers. Only with that understanding can you deliver the right content at the right time through the right channel. At Confluent Marketing we believe that the ability to map customer journeys and tailor content to match the various touch points along those journeys creates the marketing cohesion needed to deliver outsized impact.


Content Marketing

Content, in all its forms, is the single most crucial component of marketing. It is the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy.

Social Media

Figure out where your audience generally hang out. Engage and grow a community of customers and prospects. Then drive them to action.


Historically derided, email has found its place as the ‘go to’ for personal engagement. It’s a great way to get your customers to second base.

Search Engine Marketing

Have you ever gone past the first page on Google? It’s pretty likely your prospective customers haven’t. Make the most of organic and paid search.


It’s official, you trust someone ‘just like you’ as much as an ‘expert’. Word of mouth has never been more important in a world where brand trust is in crisis.

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Passionate about digital marketing.

We’re a new ambitious specialist digital marketing agency located in Oxfordshire. At Confluent Marketing our focus is on helping you get outsized impact from a joined up digital marketing approach. But we like to have a bit of fun too. Most importantly though, we’re an extension of you.



Full service is ‘so last year’. We’re here to work with you and your other specialist agencies to maximise your marketing.

Forward Thinking

Staying in front of the curve is hard. We keep tabs on all the latest marketing trends to make business life simpler.


We love great marketing. We’re also approachable humans too which we think helps.

Start connecting with customers today.

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